Locanda La Posta ® follows the philosophy of production of naturalness and research traditions. The recipes used come from the kitchen of the family Genovesio and reflect the most ancient traditions of Piedmont.

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Locanda La Posta opens the laboratory Piedmont Bread Stick: go to the section and download a catalog.  Screenshot 2016-02-12 11.13.31


We invite you to visit the sections of the website to Panettone, Easter’s Line, cakes, plum cake and cookies, the search of the best ingredients made for the line of vasettame also happens to this new experience: the use of Piedmont hazelnuts, eggs hen bred earth, candied fruit processed when fresh as the cedar of Diamante and the Oranges of Sicily, vanilla Bourbon from Madagascar, flour mills characterize the line of the best pastry. In addition, the use of the yeast and the slow rise followed carefully by our master confectioner create a unique product, in form and flavor.

To find a store that specializes in your area or for any information please contact us at the following email address: laboratorio@agroalimenta.com and our best operator will be happy to provide any indication applied for.


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