How we choose what we’ll manufacture

Agroalimenta uses techniques in the selection of primary products which enable us to use absolutely natural and healthy vegetables, herbs, spices, foods from the forest floor, fruit, and meat which has been cultivated, picked or sourced from farms which conform not only to health and hygiene regulations but also to all the standards and regulations which guarantee prime quality end products. We select only the best, to be able to guarantee a finished product which we know will never disappoint our customers.

How we process what we manufacture

Agroalimenta uses production techniques which conform to the company philosophy: research into traditional tastes,enhanced flavourkeeping it natural. This ensures end products of the highest quality, without added preservatives or colorants, rich in nutrients and flavour.

The entire manufacturing process is under the auspices of our laboratories in Pinerolo, where our qualified personnel vigilantly follow every step in the manufacture of the products, because we know that the success of our clients’ initiatives in the distribution and sales of Agroalimenta products are a direct result of our commitment.