Italian mustard production

Locanda La Posta ® has developed in cooperation with Agroalimenta a line of high quality Italian mustard production, prepared in accordance with recipes inherited from superb Italian chefs of prior centuries who lived to cook.

All our Italian mustard production meet the uncompromising standards that our family-run establishment long ago adopted: dishes with seductive aromas that explore traditional flavors and shun anything artificial. Accordingly our culinary experts have developed a line of natural Italian mustard production made from wholesome ingredients, without any colorants or preservatives and bursting with natural flavors.

If you wish to purchase our Italian mustard production, or else sell them yourself, either wholesale or retail, please inspect our catalog at the Showcase of Delights and get in touch with us to discuss possibilities of working together.

Quality in Italian mustard production

Our Italian mustard production is sold throughout Italy and is prized everywhere for its superb quality. Every dish is made in accordance with recipes and trade secrets handed down from father to son for generations. By exploiting tricks of the trade from olden days, we design our culinary specialties so as to preserve the rich flavors of the past.

Locanda La Posta Italian mustard production can be found in the best stores, specialized delicatessens, in old-fashioned pastry shops and taverns, at sophisticated butcher shops, and at any establishment devoted to serving its customers foodstuffs of unsurpassed quality and made only from the most wholesome ingredients.

please inspect our catalog at the Showcase of Delights and get in touch with us to discuss possibilities of working together..

In italiano: Produzione mostarde

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Italian mustard production

Agroalimenta offers Italian mustard production with the dedication and professionality that are an important part in making Italian mustard production at Locanda La Posta. For more information about our Italian mustard production please do visit the siti consigliati webpage, where you will find infos and other selected websites about Italian mustard production. Thanks for visiting.

Agroalimenta offers italian mustard produced wit care to bring you the best of Italy. Mustard is a crop that has a distinct place in rotation with small grains. Mustard can be found in three types: yellow, brown and oriental. Italian mustard production is common in Italy since it is used for a table or “hotdog” mustard, while brown and oriental are used for oil and spices. For an interesting and useful navigation visit our page with siti consigliati
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