Terrine of wild boar

Terrine of wild boar

The terrine of wild boar is one of the specialties of Locanda La Posta® which continues to arouse the enthusiasm of a great audience of lovers of good and tasty food. All our preparations have texture, character, aroma, flavor and undisputed charm. Our terrine of wild boar follows the philosophy of the house: research in the tradition of taste, exaltation of smells, and respect for the natural side of things. Much more than just a dish, created by the skilled hands of the chefs of La Posta, the terrines of wild boar are made with high quality raw materials: good wild boar loin, scented and soft bacon, fresh herbs, soft and round cognac.

The terrine of wild boar that we are able to offer can be seen in our Showcase of delights.

If you wish to purchase our terrine of wild boar, or else sell them yourself, either wholesale or retail, please inspect our catalog at the Showcase of Delights and get in touch with us to discuss possibilities of working together.

Tradition and flavor in our terrine of wild boar

Locanda La Posta® always follows the production philosophy of naturalness and research of traditions. The recipes used for our terrine of wild boar comes directly from the Genovesio family kitchen and strictly reflect the oldest Piedmont traditions. The only preservatives used are natural ones, in order to provide you with excellent food and tasty delicacies always prepared with care by our chefs for your table.

The wild boar meat is an usual dish for many. Join those who, thanks to the Agroalimenta terrine of wild boar almost consider this preparation a tradition. This is because the Agroalimenta terrine of wild boar are a real "taste experience" where the wild boar meat softens the slightly wild taste, providing unforgettable flavors and aromas.

Where to purchase our terrine of wild boar

The products of Locanda La Posta® are sold throughout Italy, in the best pastry shops as well as in specialized gastronomies, in most traditional bars, in selected butcher shops and wherever the desire to serve customers with top quality and refined products reigns supreme.

To find a specialized store in your area or for any information about our terrine of wild boar please contact us and our best operator will be happy to supply you with all information.

In Italian: terrine di cinghiale

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terrine of wild boar

Agroalimenta offers terrine of wild boar, a specialty that will make any table a tasty restaurant's table and will find you enthusiast of the terrine of wild boar prepared by our experienced cooks. Our terrine of wild boar is a recipe of first choice wild boar loin, soft bacon, soft and round cognac and fresh herbs: With its delicate and tasty flavor, the terrine of wild boar is a perfect idea to buy and use as a gift to friends.

terrine of wild boar on sale

our terrine of wild boar is full of perfume, flavour, and taste of scented wild boar meat. Delicious coupled with pasta and cheeses, but also used for tartines and sandwiches. We can offer this to food lovers and taste passionates since we perfectly know that you are looking for something that will make you feel you are the one who tastes terrine of wild boar. Don't miss our terrine of wild boar!

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The terrine of wild boar is a dish with incomparable smells, taste and charm. Paired with delicious pasta dishes, meats and cheeses that Agroalimenta offers to fans of terrines as well as to those who want to really try terrine of wild boar: something unique, something that all your guests will appreciate and thank you for the terrine of wild boar you offered!